avocado super food for child actors

5 Power Foods for Child Actors – they should eat every day

If you are not already feeding the below 6 power foods to your child actor or young actress, you may want to consider doing so as snacks or mixing them into smoothies or other recipes as meals. These should be eaten everyday, and if not possible, have them eat them often. These 5 items have proven time and time again to have huge benefits for your child’s overall health, growth, mental state, concentration, memory and focus.

It is just as important that our child actors and young actresses have these foods in them, as the sides or copy they have been studying for the last 24 hours for an audition. Without foods like the below, your child may know their lines and feel ready for an audition, but their body energy level may not actually be ready. This will absolutely affect their audition. These foods help them feel great and perform at a higher level.

These super foods for actors help with blood to the brain, are memory boosters, provide energy and curb crazy hunger. They also help our children fight off sickness, allowing us to get them where they need, when the opportunities arise. When your child is going in for an audition they need steady energy, not a quick boost and then a drop. These foods will all help keep that energy balance for them.

avocado super food for child actors1) Avocado (It is recommended to eat at least half an avocado everyday).
We try to get a couple that are ripe, a couple that are almost ripe, and then a few that are not at all ripe. This gives us enough each week. Personally, we are obsessed with these.

 super food for child actresses2) Blueberries (It is recommended to eat at least a handful of Blueberries a day).
Get at your local grocery store.

3) Whole Wheat Pasta (Would make for a great replacement in Spaghetti and Meatballs or Pasta with Tomato Sauce). Get at your local grocery store.yum whole wheat pasta

walnuts4) Walnuts (If your child does not like the taste of them, ground them up and use them as a breading or use them within a smoothie). Get at your local grocery store.

5) Cacao/Cocoa Powder (Amazing in smoothies, which I know is an actor favorite). You can buy the best kind right here, this is what we use in our home >

Also, for a nice treat every now and then, here are our favorite amazingly healthy chocolate bars that your child actor may love. The image of the chocolate bar is below too, so you can see what they look like.

Trader Joe’s: 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate, 3 bars, Imported from Belgium

The above 5 power foods for child actors are priceless. Go stock up today and try it out. See how they feel days and weeks afterwards.

BTW, tomatoes is also way up their as a power food. They go great with a yogurt dipping sauce or they can be used to make a delicious fresh tomato sauce to go with the healthy whole wheat pasta. Tomatoes would have been #6 on the list above.

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