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Child Actor’s Clothing – Dos and Don’ts

For your child actor’s clothing, at the very least you should allocate a separate part in their closet for acting clothes. Or, you could put their clothing for acting into a different closet, if that works better for you. You can start basic and small on building up their clothing options, so don’t worry at all about getting all of the clothing, as you can take your time to build up their new wardrobe.

Young Actress in bright shirt

This is one example of what would look good to wear. Solid shirt, bright, and not at all distracting.

A child actor’s clothing should be solid shirts, solid type dresses, jeans or skirts for girls or pants or jeans for boys. If jeans, the jeans should be non-ripped and unfrayed, as those go great with any solid tops. For the most part, unless otherwise stated, solid bright or rich deep colors are even better. Shirts that have rips, holes, tears, or are “faded out” from the wash are not good and will hurt your child in the audition room. DO NOT have your child actor wear stripes, patterns or any polka dots. Also, DO NOT have them wear clothing with any logos that show. If they do not wear glasses normally, they should not be wearing glasses. And No Hats either. Just think of it this way, the clothes should not distract from your child’s face or body. The clothes should just enhance their eyes, their look and so forth. So keep it professional.

Another tip and recommendation I have for you, which we do, and a lot of other parents of child actors do, is to”wear them sparingly or only wear them for “auditions”. That way they don’t start to look faded from your washing machine. Some of these parents only have their kids wear them to auditions, and never wear them at other times. A lot of them hang these clothes either in a separate closet or a different place within the closet, that the child is likely to not touch, where the child is less likely to choose those clothes to wear more often. I will tell you that I let our daughter wear those audition clothes every now and then, as we don’t have the huge money budget to have 2 completely separate wardrobes, but she does wear the audition clothes a lot less then her daily clothes. Then, if I see a shirt or jeans are getting worn out or faded, I make a note to replace that ASAP for her.

One other tip, you don’t have to go to the most expensive stores to find the type of clothes that will benefit your child in an audition. Amazon.com (I love Amazon.com clothing as it’s quick and takes almost no time for me to get – also good quality), Target, Justice for Girls (if you have a girl), Walmart, JCPenny, have great solids, that look just fine in quality, and they often carry solids.

For Girl Actress clothing basics, start your search here on Amazon >

For Boy Actor clothing basics, start your search here on Amazon >

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Personally, we buy a lot of our clothes on Amazon, as I don’t necessarily have the time to be running around getting acting clothes for her all of the time.

We’ve just started to take the time to actually make your life even easier. We started picking out our top comfy and favorite solid shirts, jeans, skirts and over-shirt suggestions for girls and boy actors. We are taking the time to review these, not too hard as we also own a lot of these for our daughter. These top picks are coming very soon to another blog post and will re-post a link to it right here within the next week. So, please revisit this post.

what not to wear as a child actress

Don’t have your child dress like this for a professional audition. Its completely distracting. Unless, you are told to directly by your agent or management. They should not dress exactly as their role. She is certainly cute…though!

Also, for those of you who do not know, for an audition, do not bring props (unless your agent or manager asks you to) and also DO NOT dress the role completely. If your child is auditioning with lines to be a cute cowboy, DO NOT have your child show up in full out cowboy attire, a cowboy hat, with a Woody Toy Story outfit on. That is actually completely distracting to the casting directors, producers and directors. Instead, what you could do is wear some nice solid pants or jeans (not chaps), maybe a solid color pair of basic boots, and a solid t-shirt with a jean shirt open and loose over it. So he could wear something that says outdoorsy in color, texture and feel of the outfit. But do not literally dress the part. A lot of child actors get into the audition room and don’t know that right away they have already been judged negatively because their mom or dad put them in a cheer-leading costume or a princess outfit or a pirate costume or did their hair more like a beauty pageant, which is horribly distracting. So, please be aware of that and avoid doing this. A subtle hint of who your child is playing, is okay and solid basics are always best.

No makeup at all for younger children – do not do. For teenage girls, some very light lip gloss or light blush is okay. Light eye liner or eye shadow is also okay, but do not overdue it. The makeup should be subtle and natural looking.