Our Mission:
Supporting parents around the world to raise young actors that are Happy, Successful and Balanced. Providing Tips, Recommendations and Guidance for parents of actors.

jennifer jonesA little about me:
I’m the mom of a passionate young actress. My goal as the mom of an actress? Probably just like yours. I want to do all I can to help my child achieve her dreams. I ask this simple question quite often, “What can I do to help my child to achieve her dream?” In this case, it happens to be that she wants to act and sing in films, television and on commercials. But, it may be something else for your child.

If your child happens to come forward and tell you their dream over and over again, pay close attention. What should you do next? Research, read, learn and talk to others. Find them the best opportunities to train in their field. For acting, get them started in a professional acting school for Film, TV and Commercials. If you cannot find one locally that is professional, there are ways for your child to train online now that may be of interest to you. If they are more interested in Broadway and acting for theater, there is training for that, which is “not” the same as acting for television.

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RaisingAChildActor.com came about after hundreds of hours of my own time learning, reading, exploring, talking to actors, researching, and getting my daughter into a professional acting academy, so she could start training. I had so many questions when she started out. It was like thoughts and questions would flood my brain and I wasn’t sure where to go to find the answers to help her, but I’d figure out a way to get the information I needed by digging and asking. I learned a lot from the academy she attends and from workshops with agents and casting directors, however, I also learned from just listening while in LA to other parents, actors and friends . I also read countless amounts of internet articles on all various topics. Additionally, I have read many books written by actors, directors and casting directors with children in mind.

While going through all of this, I have seen lots of happy balanced actors and parents (I highly recommend the book you see on the right called The Happiness Project). But, I also have seen unhappy parents and unhappy kids. Some of these kids and parents are not doing acting for the love of it – they are in it for all the wrong reasons. Some parents are pushing too hard. Some parents and kids are just not going about it the right way and taking the long road where there could be a better path. Those were some of the people I wanted to help, but in most cases it was not the right situation to reach out in. Others, were just struggling to start out and get into the right training. Not every moment of us being on the road or in training has allowed me to help others. So, I gathered up this information in notebooks, papers and on my computer and thought, someday I’ll be able to give back to other parents of actors.

After those many hours of digging, I also realized, strong and clear information for Raising our Child Actors in a Happy, Successful and Balanced Manner were all over the place, not-organized in anyway that is yet easy for parents. The information was just thrown all over and not specifically yet organized on the internet in any helpful, clear manner. As a parent, you’d have to spend hundreds of hours finding all that you will eventually need to help your child actor. I was especially intrigued by making sure that the resources, tips, notes that I have for parents will ultimately not just help their child do well in acting auditions, but even more important, that this gathered information will keep their kids be grounded, happy, balanced, and charged up to keep going with faith and humility.

Lastly, and hugely important, I also want to help the “parents” of actors to be happy and in balance. That is something I work hard to do and I have come across other parents also working on this balance in their lives.

Why do this? Because they deserve it and so do you. I want to give back in a productive manner and see your hours be fruitful towards the happiness and success of your child.

RaisingAChildActor.com provides organized information, thoughts, resources and guidance to parents with child actors, so that these parents can take educated, smart, positive actions to help their children. Happiness comes from the actions you choose to take, as the quote below states.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama – Get his book “How to See Yourself as you Really Are”

This website will remain positive despite acting being a competitive business – we are not focused on that. We are instead focused on the benefit of that competitiveness. Not all of our children will make it as actors, but we want them to be happy – that’s our ultimate goal. It surely would also be nice if they are able to use their acting skills should they go on to other professions later in their lives.

We want you and your child actor to be happy. That simple.

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