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Acting Training for Children – a must read for parents of child actors

Your child needs to train at a professional acting academy or school.

Acting Training for children needs to be consistent. First, it needs to be professional training. Next, if the goal is to be at the professional level, your child has to be training throughout the entire year – there is no set season where you take an entire season off. It’s absolutely encouraged to take breaks now and then for a few days for a family vacation or a weekend off here and there to balance out life and step away from the trade, but in between, year-round, your child has to be prepared and ready.

As mentioned prior, this does not just mean they will just go to school to just memorize lines. Just memorizing lines is not even close to what the best children actors are doing. The very best child actors work hard, attend classes consistently (many times a week), learning their craft all of the time. They take breaks, yes, they hang with their families and do sleepovers with friends, they go on field trips, and they have tons of fun outside of acting too, but they do not take an entire summers off. A summer would be a lot of time to not be prepared if an audition pops up and they will forget and will lose momentum.

The best training is a professional academy or school that only focuses on doing classes and/or workshops for TV, Film or Commercials. If your child wants to be on Disney or Nick Jr. or in Films or commercials, then your school should be doing only that. You do not want to attend a school that does both that and Broadway, unless they are completely “Separate” divisions, as the training for those types are actually very different.

If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area read this paragraph. If not, skip to the next paragraph. If in Las Vegas, I highly recommend the acting academy our daughter attends, Hollywood Access, Inc. The acting academy is professional, passionate, positive and very focused on her goals. If interested, you can fill out their very quick online application form (Takes only about 3 minutes), and they will then call you to set up a time to have you come in. They allow you to ask tons of questions and they will tell you all about what they do and how they do it. If in Vegas and interested, click here for their website form >. They are the best of the best in acting training and the children that attend this academy are working in Hollywood, consistently.

If you are outside of Vegas, do your research and find the best academy or school for your child actor that focuses on “what” they want to do. If they want Television, Film and Commercials or any of those, then make sure your school focuses on that. If they want Broadway and Musicals, then find that school to match up to your child’s wishes. The teachers should be actors themselves, they should have a lot of on set experience and they should love their craft.

If you happen to live in a city or town that has no acting training classes for children near, you should consider your options online for acting training or if very serious about acting, you may consider moving (if possible for you).