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Professional Adult Acting Training in Las Vegas

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Are you an adult looking for acting training in Las Vegas or around the world? It’s never too late to follow your acting dreams. In fact, I’m a walking example of this and it’s inspired me to write this post to help you get started on your acting training in Las Vegas or acting training anywhere in the entire world.

Maybe you are picking up again on an acting career that you left off not long ago. Maybe you are starting anew. Even if this is your first time as an adult actor, and you are searching for acting training help in the Las Vegas area, look no further than your heart.

If you continue to read, I’ll tell you our wonderful acting experience in Las Vegas and a lot more about attending the academy for adult acting training. I also touch on how to pick the best acting training for yourself, no matter where you live.

The current best adult acting training if in Las Vegas is at Hollywood Access, Inc.

You can call Hollywood Access, Inc. at (702) 429-7487.
You can simply and quickly fill out their online actors interest form. (Takes few minutes)

Redhead womanMy belief is we are meant to reinvent ourselves and never be complacent in who we are, until we meet our dreams and we are using the gifts we were given. I believe that we are often meant to reinvent ourselves many times throughout our adult lives. My grandmother was way ahead of her time, she was born in 1905 and throughout her lifetime she was a Teacher, a Flapper, A Professor, A Singer, an Artist, and then a Psychologist until she turned 90 and passed away at 90 years of age. She certainly went for her dreams and never was just okay to just be somewhat satisfied in her roles.


Me in recording studio doing one my originals a few years ago. I follow my dream as much as I possibly can!

I happen to be the mom of a child actor. I’ve discovered that at my truest core over this past year, one of my callings is to connect creative children and creative adults to what they are really meant to do, by first listening to them and then guiding them to where they should be.

It first matters when you realize or think you may be called to something;  but then it’s really a matter of just acting on it. It’s encouraged to lean in and try what you think you are supposed to be doing.  Maybe acting is calling you as an adult, but now you fear it because you did not have that early on practice as a child. That is not a valid fear. There are many actors that are working regularly in Hollywood that started as adults including Gene Hackman, Billy Bob Thornton, Ray Romano, Danny Glover, and many others.
hai logoFor my Las Vegas readers. The best acting training in Las Vegas is provided right now at Hollywood Access, Inc., whether it be for yourself or your child, this is the academy you want to be attending, for many reasons. Before I go into those many reasons that have been proven to me over the last years, let me tell you, my daughter has been personally training there, but I’ve also heard from over 40 plus parents and adults that attend Hollywood Access, Inc. that this is the most professional adult acting training in Las Vegas. There is nothing else like this acting training within the Las Vegas area, from a professional standpoint, from an opportunity standpoint, and extremely crucial…also from a personal supportive and positive community standpoint.

If you are outside the Las Vegas area, in another state or country and reading this post, it is crucial that you take them time to research the adult training acting schools and academies in your city carefully. It may be that you have to drive a little bit to get to the very best one. You also should not just read online what their website says about them, but also talk to others that attend the acting classes already to see how their experience has been. If the school will allow it, ask for a first meeting to get all of your questions answered or email those questions to them. Then do the same with other schools in the area and compare and contrast your options.

When I went searching for an acting training in Las Vegas, I spent hours looking at schools, classes and did all of the following before deciding on the one our daughter goes to now:
(if you are outside Las Vegas, you would just follow similar steps to the ones below)

1) I did full internet and website research looking for testimonials as well as any complaints. I dug many pages deep into Google to find out things about various acting schools.

2) I made sure that our acting academy was professional and not just some classes that don’t make sense put together, or have no rhyme or reason to them. I also made sure the classes were compatible to the ones being taught in Hollywood and NY.

3) I looked to find other parents and adult actors I could talk to that were attending acting training. They advised me.

4) I asked the questions I needed answered of the schools, via email and in person.

5) I had our daughter tell us which one felt the best to her and why.

6) We actually even went to a previous couple of classes at another acting school before we switched over to where we are now, that way, we had something to compare things to. We did same with a private acting coach, to experience that first.

7) We followed our Intuition. Your gut says a lot. Believe it.

8) We Leaned in to what we felt was best. Lean In to the one that stands out to you. If it’s not the one, well then you can always switch.

9) Find an acting school that will help provide you with opportunities to use your craft in and audition at. If they do not provide this, then you may get stuck in just learning acting, but not able to put yourself into the situations you need to be, in order to be seen.

10) Remember, the school you should be looking for, if you are acting for TV, Film or Commercials is “not” the same as learning to act for Broadway, Musicals or Plays on Stage. So this should be an important part of what you are looking for. No matter what they tell you, the school should be solely focused on TV, Film, Commercials and also maybe Modeling. Acting for Broadway would be a different type of school you may look for, if that is the direction you are pursuing.

adult actressAgain, if you are an adult actor, and if you are in Las Vegas, I suggest you at the very least call Hollywood Access, Inc. They will certainly call you back ASAP and get an appointment set up soon with you. When you meet with them ask them any and all questions that you have.

You can call Hollywood Access, Inc. at (702) 429-7487.
You can simply and quickly fill out their online acceptance form. (Takes few minutes)

“It is only when preparation plus opportunity come together, that one achieves true success.” In order to do that, you need to start your adult acting training now. You need to be training in between auditions and in between being on sets. The acting training never ends, it’s just a journey to become better at what you do. It’s you against yourself, not compared to anyone else.

At the core of who I am (my heart), I am interested in helping adults and parents of children in the Las Vegas area and around the world, who are interested in acting, singing or other creative endeavors, follow their callings and dreams.