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Benefits of acting training for kids – it’s not just for acting

I was just in deep discussion, with a dad, who has teenage daughter who wanted to be an actress when she was younger with all of her heart, but she did not pursue it…

He told me she had expressed a huge interest in acting, when she was in elementary school. She did take dance when she was younger and still does, but he and his wife never put her into acting training because they felt that acting would not be a wise profession for her to get into when she was much older. Why did they feel this way about acting? Because they were thinking way ahead and they believed that if she became an actress, she would struggle in the acting life for money, for consistent jobs, to be okay financially, those types of reasons. They told her about how most actors barely make enough money to survive and therefore have to work other jobs in order to remain actors. They were worried 10 years ahead.


So, fast forward about 5-6 years to this girl now (She is in her teens). Guess what he told me that she wants to be now? She wants to be an attorney. I pointed out that an attorney uses a ton of acting skills. Attorneys should take acting training. Acting training can lead to any profession, not just acting. The best attorneys are actors. She should probably take some acting classes, if she is still interested to do so.

That full circle moment and that dad’s thoughts then lead me to the below false assumptions:

sportsa) Sports and dance or art or karate are encouraged for other kids to pursue at young ages. But acting somehow, even at a young age, gets this connotation that because someone is acting training as a child, that they are going to be doing it for forever and that they will only want to do this for the rest of their lives. Also, some parents assume that acting training always leads directly to an acting career. Both of these are false assumptions. In fact, more children that train in acting in their younger years, go on to professions outside of acting, than those that say within the industry. Acting should be just like all other things that children can desire to do and have fun with. Acting should be seen as a strong foundation to a lot of opportunities in their lives, just the way playing sports are a great foundation for their longer-term health.

b) Acting training skills do not just lead to strong acting for acting auditions. It leads to a number of other highly desired skills. Below is just the short list of things child actors gain:

  • All around Confidencegirl actor
  • Looking people in the eye when they talk to them
  • How to listen actively
  • How to enter a room with poise and presence
  • Deeper Respect for their peers and elders
  • Ability to Interview well
  • Improvisation, Thinking on their feet
  • Communicating with their peers
  • Getting in touch with how they are feeling
  • Stronger Reading Skills
  • Speech – Articulation and Enunciation
  • Focus and Concentration

Benefits of acting training for kids – training for acting is so much more than training to be a child actor. The skills carry on for a lifetime.


So, for any mom or dad that has a child that wants to be an actor, and therefore are considering putting their child in acting training right now, my recommendation is to go for it – make it happen. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Just make sure that your child gets into acting for the right reasons, because they want to, and that you all realize that acting jobs may not come right away. If you’d like to know more about where to get the BEST Professional acting training for your child, read this blog post >

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4 comments on “Benefits of acting training for kids – it’s not just for acting

  1. No matter some kids are born actors, but you are right to increase their confidence & to have right attitude is what the acting classes will teach them. Thanks for sharing. Looking for blogs.

    • Yes. And Acting classes are essential as part of the winning formula for young actors to be able to meet any type of expectations in auditions and on sets. It prepares them for what often comes in auditions and on sets. Without this, talent or other could them in the door, possibly. But, an education and hard work training in classes is what will set them apart on sets and help them throughout their careers to continue to soar.

  2. My daughter wants to try her hand at acting, and I want to make sure it would be beneficial for her before we look for a studio. It’s good to know that acting can help her with improvising and quick thinking. This is a skill that she will need as an adult one day. Maybe acting classes will be a good resource for her.

    • Mom of an Actress

      Thanks for your comment, Precious. Did you start your daughter in acting classes? You are correct. There are so many side benefits to acting classes that are not even about getting roles. Skills gained are diverse and practical. Whatever field later in life your daughter ends up in, she will benefit from acting classes.

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