Bombas socks for child actors and adult actors – Best Socks Ever Made – Comfy

Dear: Adult actors and Parents of Child Actors that are on your feet for auditions, rehearsals and working out the gym: -and-

Dear: Athletic adults or Any Adults that work on their feet all day long:

Dear: Child Actors that run around and audition and use your feet a whole lot:

Do you know about Bombas socks for yet? You will not want anything but Bombas, once you try them on. My daughter has been taking mine, out of my drawer, for the past few months.

Once Bombas socks touch your feet, you will never go back to any other type of socks, why? Because Bombas are the most comfy, cool looking, fun, stylish, honorable, smart socks you will own.

If you want to get 25% off with your first order, here is the link to do so, or if not sure just yet, read on to learn more about Bombas socks – CLICK HERE TO ORDER your Bombas Socks or to learn more.

kids_original_ankle_gry_orange_4I’m literally obsessed with Bombas socks. I have just a few pairs now and I keep re-washing them to wear because now I don’t like any of my other socks. The other socks in my drawer have shed some tears, yes, because they are sad that they are not being worn. Eventually might have only Bombas in my drawer.

I also just ordered my child actress her own 4 pairs, so she can wear them to acting class, auditions and for her camp she is going to this summer. Basically, she was stealing mine, and I couldn’t take it any longer LOL.

She wears Bombas to all her acting auditions, to acting classes like improvisation, and to PE at her school. Say what you want about socks, but I believe a lot of our confidence starts in our feet, yes the feet. Our daughter feels more confident and comfortable when she wears Bombas to her auditions.

bombas1How did I learn about these comfy socks? Bombas were seen on Shark Tank not long ago, so, that’s where I first got excited about them.

Then a friend gave me a pair to try on, as she knew I had been working out a lot and needed new gym socks. I was then sold and ordered that day.

bombas2If you want to get 25% off with your first order, CLICK HERE TO ORDER your Bombas Socks.

If you are not sure, they even sell 1 pair at a time on their website. So you can literally buy just 1 pair to start. Or, you can be like me, take a chance, and buy their 4 pack and get the 25% off.

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bombas4One last important thing, for every pair of socks you buy, Bombas donates 1 pair to a person in need. To date they have actually donated more than 350,000 pairs of socks! I love knowing that the socks that I buy are giving to someone in need!

Let me know what you think when you get them in the comments area below. Hope you and/or your child actor love them!

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