Acting Books for Child Actors and Parents of Actors

As the parent of an actor, these are the absolute best books for you to read to educate yourself, educate your child actor and to help your child with their dreams. Dependent upon the age of your child actor or child actress, you may want to read parts together. I have personally read them all, and they all offer important information.

These acting books are invaluable. You want to make 100% sure you educate you and your child actor as much as you possibly can so you can learn from others that are there now, doing it, or have been there and done it.

To read comments from fellow parents of actors, just click on any of the acting book images below.

hollywood parents guide

The Hollywood Parent’s

by Bonnie J. Wallace
The Mother of Dove Cameron


by Harriet Greenspan
Julia DeVilers

From Start to Stardom

by Lisa London, CSA with
Rochell Goodrich

“Mom I Want to be on TV”
by Christine William-Reed

Directing Actors:
Creating Memorable Performances
for Film & Television

By Judith Weston

Mom! I Want to be a Star
by Irene Dreayer



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