What Parents of Actors Think Acting Success Looks Like and What it Really Looks Like

What most parents “think” acting success looks like IS NOT actually how acting success happens, in reality. This is why you cannot get discouraged by 2 or 10 or 50 or even 100 plus auditions. Your child actor may land some. They will not land most. No rhyme or reasons sometimes. But, if your child actor keeps going, they will get closer to the larger successes. But, again, true to the image on this…


Some Family and Friends Don’t Support me Helping my Child’s Acting Career – What to do?

Had a good friend of mine, the parent of an actor, tell me last week that her in-laws are still skeptical about her son’s acting career and it gets on her nerves. They constantly, without any filter, tell her that they think she is wasting his time and wasting their money. They also think she is over-programming him with 3 acting classes a week and auditions here and there. She then…


4 Positive Steps to Follow Directly after your Child’s Audition

Are you a huge supporter of your child’s acting journey? If you want their journey to continue successfully, then… DO THIS when you get in the Car right after the audition or when you get somewhere you can talk, directly after their audition: Any type of hug or any discussion with your child should happen after they are in the car or beyond that point and NOT anywhere near the audition location….

Tortoise and the Hare

Parents of Child Actors – It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint – Support Your Young Tortoise

Do you know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? If for some reason you have not heard it, read it first and then come directly back to this post, as the success of your child’s acting journey actually relates to that classic fable. Last week, I was talking to an acting/singing coach who works with a huge amount of talented children and their parents. She was reminding me how important it…

the in between

What should my child actor do in those months or longer in between acting auditions?

Sometimes your child actor may be on what is considered a large roll of acting auditions, one after the next, more than one a week, sometimes days in a row. It may appear to be a fun snowball that your child is gradually pushing up a hill, gathering more and more snow as it goes. The snowball is turning out so very cool, they are loving it. You have no idea when…

The Series of Interviews with Moms of Actors

Great Personal Tips and Advice from – 3 Moms of Young Successful Actresses – An Interview – Part 1 of a New Series

Below is an exclusive interview that was conducted  by me with 3 moms of working young actors. These moms are on sets constantly and their children are successful professionals. They have also been at this for many years, so they have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with other parents of child actors. NOTE: This is Part 1 in a Blog Series where we interview moms of happy, successful, balanced…

live the dream 2

New Awards show for those that Follow Their Dreams – Similar to the Tony Awards

In my opinion, actors should be awarded for their courage and dedication in following their dream and using the gifts they’ve been given. Watching the Tony Awards last night I was called to feel sad (just for a moment) for those who did not win a trophy. They are all amazing actors. But then it came to me. They totally won anyways. They are following their dreams. So many don’t. Those that…


Hearing a No after an Audition – Cinnamon or Nutmeg?

So, your child got a “No” -OR- they never heard back on a “Callback” they auditioned for? How common is this? Hearing a no after an audition is very common. In fact, you probably are either used to this by now OR if your child is just getting into acting please be prepared that there will be a lot of Nos. That is not coming at all from a negative place,…

ross lynch

Inspiring Child Actor Quotes – The Best of the Best – read to be inspired

These are inspiring child actor quotes directly from child actors or written to child actors that inspire our own child actress and us too. This post will be continually updated with our absolute favorites – so bookmark and come back for inspiration for you and your child actor. With our own child actor, oftentimes, we will read a quote from another actor in order to kick off some sides or on the…