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Parent of an Actor has a big cry and it’s exactly what was needed – this will change your outlook!

If writing this post ends up helping at least 1 parent of a professional actor out there or helps any parent out there that is supporting their child in their absolute dream path, then I will absolutely know this was a success in putting this out there. The intent on this post is unlike any other that I have written in my entire life. This one is coming from the core…

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Reminder: 5 Most Important Tips for Pilot Season and Beyond

Pilot season is going on right now and you may now be scratching your head looking for some more pointers and tips as your child is having fun, but is also hoping to gain more callbacks. Since the audition is the key to all, the below focuses on some reminders about how to stand out in an audition. This may seem obvious, but it is not. Never have your child walk into a…

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Bonnie Wallace and Jennifer Markewich-Jones PODCAST – Tips for Young Actors

Not to miss. Podcast link is below. Take notes. This is Bonnie Wallace (the mother of actress Dove Cameron) and I having a profound conversation about how to help your child actor have happiness, success and balance in their lives. We also cover longevity in acting (how to remain in the game), how to get an agent and when, and we spend a lot of time on acting auditions. This podcast…

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The #1 No No (not Nae Nae) for Young Actors going in an Acting Audition – Do you know it?

Think you know what the #1 No No (not the Nae Nae for all of you Nae Nae Flash Mob dancing fans LOL) thing casting directors say that kids do wrong in the audition room? What is that thing that is the absolute DO NOT DO in an acting audition? Before I reveal it below, take your best guess….. By the way, I heard this as recently as this past weekend…


Parents of Actors – What to Control and What NOT to Control – Important Read

Dear Parents of Actors, The below allows your child’s acting longevity to unfold naturally. Without doing the below, your child may burn out, you yourself may burn out, you may overstep your responsibilities and then, you will likely not be happy along the way. “Focus on WHAT you can CONTROL. Not what you cannot control. Don’t waste time and energy on that which you cannot change. Life’s too short to be trying to…


What Parents of Actors Think Acting Success Looks Like and What it Really Looks Like

What most parents “think” acting success looks like IS NOT actually how acting success happens, in reality. This is why you cannot get discouraged by 2 or 10 or 50 or even 100 plus auditions. Your child actor may land some. They will not land most. No rhyme or reasons sometimes. But, if your child actor keeps going, they will get closer to the larger successes. But, again, true to the image on this…


Parents – Top 5 Things to Make Sure your Child’s Acting School, Acting Coach or Singing Coach is Professional

Yesterday I was asked by a friend if some acting class she heard about on the radio to make her daughter a Disney Star was legitimate. Scam, I told her, big Scam. And here is how that conversation progressed and what I have also told others who have asked. This is what you should be looking out for in an acting school, acting coach and vocal coach: No one can promise to make…

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Tyler Perry Speaks to How to Make A Dream, A Reality – The 2 Secrets to it All

My daughter and I just watched Tyler Perry’s video on Success and Achieving your Dreams. I never knew he was told NO hundreds of times for his first main play he wrote and then heard many Nos beyond that too. Did you? I never knew his real story, and now I do, and we are grateful to take away the below 2 Major Secrets to achieve a dream. Many of us really…


The Secret Sauce for Captivating Actor Headshots – for your child to get picked for more auditions

Most “Effective” (captivating) Headshots is a fascinating and extremely important topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as it’s almost that point in time where our own young actress will need new photos. For us, it’s been about a year, but I’m guessing somewhere between the next month and 6 months out, she may need new ones. I’ve actually also been studying it. Yes, studying it with samples from IMDb. I…


4 Positive Steps to Follow Directly after your Child’s Audition

Are you a huge supporter of your child’s acting journey? If you want their journey to continue successfully, then… DO THIS when you get in the Car right after the audition or when you get somewhere you can talk, directly after their audition: Any type of hug or any discussion with your child should happen after they are in the car or beyond that point and NOT anywhere near the audition location….