Dreams without Goals, Remain Dreams – Denzel Empowering Actors to Succeed

I’ve watched this Denzel video with my daughter, who is a young actress, no less than 10 times. We discuss it together each time, as there are a lot of important messages. Denzel Washington gives his heart here. Watch with your child and empower yourselves. Denzel does mention God in this, which is fine by us. Please note, if you do not believe in God or you believe in another higher power, or you are not religious, this video is still extremely important to watch. This video is for every actor out there.

Some main points from Denzel Washington:

1) The desire your child has to act or sing or their other dream, means that the potential is already within them. Your child already has everything he or she needs inside him or herself.  He or she just needs to claim it.

2) Dreams without goals, remain just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment.

3) Discipline and Consistency are needed for your child actor to succeed.
Because: Directly between goals and achievement are DISCIPLINE (their professional training and taking it seriously) and CONSISTENCY (being in acting classes year round and not taking large blocks of time off).

Thank you, Denzel Washington, for who you are, for what you said, and for being so empowering for our next generation of actors.

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