Driving Tips for Parents of Child Actors

Here are just a few quick driving tips for parents of child actors:

As the parent of a child actor, please┬ábe prepared to drive a lot within your own city and to the acting auditions, often times outside your city. Until your child can drive on their own, and maybe even after that time too, you will be doing a lot of in car maneuvering. If you are not close to Los Angeles or New York, or now even Georgia or Louisiana or other cities that have started to pick up more for TV, Film and Commercial work, be prepared to fly a lot too. If you cannot afford to fly on a plane, those auditions may be out of reach for a bit of time until your child builds up some solid roles – and you may be doing taped submissions for a while – although sometimes, depending on the audition or role, they may pay for your flights to them.

child actor driving a carOh, and by a lot of travel and driving, I mean, once your child becomes more advanced, it can be anywhere from 5-6 times per week that you are driving to and from either training classes, workshops, auditions and other related acting enrichment activities. If your current car is starting to get way up their in miles and/or breaking down often, it may be time to consider a new car that is reliable to get you to auditions. If affordable at all I highly recommend the Ford CMAX or the Toyota Prius. We personally own one and we are saving on hundreds of dollars a year on gas mileage. If that is not within your range, look for anything with decent gas mileage and good reliability.

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