Here’s the Best Resume paper for Actors – 8X10 size – save 80+ hours a year

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For years now I’ve been cutting my daughter’s resume paper from the 8×11.5 standard paper size down to the required 8×10 size, on a cutting board, then stapling her photo to the back of the resume. Day after day, week after week. Sometimes it wouldn’t cut so perfectly and I’d have to start over. Until, one day, a great friend, who also has a daughter that is an actress, found this perfect magical 8×10 paper offered by Epson > She was like the paper fairy the day she ascended and announced this to our group of parents of actors. I swear a tear ran down my face, out of joy. This best resume paper for actors arrived to me in 3 days, with free shipping, too.

If you happen to be new to acting, your resume needs to be cut down to be exactly 8 x 10 so that you can staple it to the back of your 8 x 10 photograph. This is the professional method and is the only method that is considered professional by casting directors and agents. If your paper is larger than your photograph, it just looks unprofessional and your child will look green in the audition room (new to the industry).

The issue was that most paper just comes at 8.5 x 11. So, I’ve seen countless amounts of parents of actors lugging around their staplers, cutting boards in hotels and on the road, along with cutting knives to trim off the extras.

I calculated out if they take even 2 hours per week to cut resumes to match up to photographs, they are investing over 80 hours a year on cutting paper! That’s just crazy nuts. Imagine getting back your 80 hours?

So look no further. Here is the Epson 8×10 paper you want. It will come in a few days, so you should have it if you order now and your life will become that much easier.

You may need to slightly reformat your child’s resume in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or any other program you use, but it won’t be that much work, and you just have to do this one time to get the formatting correct. Oh, and by the way, I’m a graphic artist, so if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Or, for a small fee, I’d be happy to update your child actor’s resume for you. Just email me here. Or, you can comment at the very bottom of this page.

As a related topic, your child’s photo also needs to be up to date, taken by a professional that knows what the industry standard for headshots are, and your child should actually look like their photos. These photos need to be printed on heavyweight standard 8×10 paper and not at all be flimsy. The 8×10 resume gets stapled to the back of this photograph.

Feel free to message me below in the comments section as to how you like the new paper or if you have any questions on this,and I hope this saves you and your family a lot of hours of cutting and more time having fun together!

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