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Inspiring Child Actor Quotes – The Best of the Best – read to be inspired

These are inspiring child actor quotes directly from child actors or written to child actors that inspire our own child actress and us too. This post will be continually updated with our absolute favorites – so bookmark and come back for inspiration for you and your child actor. With our own child actor, oftentimes, we will read a quote from another actor in order to kick off some sides or on the way to an acting workshop or class. It creates vision and positive energy.

Some of the quotes are from adult actors written as advice to child actors. Other quotes are directly from child actors to other child actors.

jennifer lawrence and dad“Even as far back when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure.”
-Jennifer Lawrence
Our take on it: You will have some bumps in the road and in auditions, but even with those, you cannot consider that you will eventually fail. Instead, you should be thinking how you will eventually succeed. Your visions and goals should be clear and that should never change, no matter what happens in an audition or class. There is no room for thinking about failure. Jennifer Lawrence never allowed it and look where she is today. And that photo you see to the right is Jennifer and her dad when she was younger. Family is very important to her. Her dad helped show her that failure is not worthy of her time.

child actress quotes“I wish everyone (that acts and sings) would just stop trying to be so perfect and just do their best.”
-By our own 2nd grader
Our take on it: You can only do your very best which will often not be perfect. If you are trying to be perfect in acting class and in acting auditions it actually will make your audition worse because you are just trying too hard to just be and do. Acting has to come naturally and be believable. If you try to be too perfect it will come off as fake and robotic, which is not good in acting. Acting is you being real, not being perfect, in fact not being perfect makes it so much more interesting. The only exception to this would be if you were playing a role of a character that desires to be perfect all of the time. But even in that case, you would still just try your hardest and not try to be perfect being perfect.

demi lovato“Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.”
-Demi Lovato
Our take on it: Love will always rule and if you provide love to your child actor unconditionally, then they will not feel as much pressure to be perfect. Love actually trumps everything is if it given to your child consistently, warmly and genuinely. It should not be about their acting, love should just be given to them for who they are as a person, your child, your son or daughter. Love will always win in a war against any other negative feeling, if your child feels the love strongly.

meryl streep“Acting is about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”
-Meryl Streep
Our take on it: Meryl, gotta love her wisdom. You have to stand out and be different in the audition room and on set, that will make you great at what you do – that is how you get noticed. But in order to be different successfully, you have to study first that which is the same within the other different person you are playing, and then you can more easily become that role, because you can see yourself in that other human being – you can relate to them.

taylor swift“If you’re lucky enough to be different. Don’t you ever change.”
-Taylor Swift
Our take on it: Taylor totally nailed it on this. I personally know a lot of child singers and child actors that are different from the rest of their crowd. Some of them question who they are. Some of them feel left out to what the others are like or their interests. It’s super hard to feel like this and I’ve heard it firsthand. I used to teach and I heard it even back then from my 5th graders. But these days, I hear it and read it from other young actors. The thing I always tell them is that different is great. Different is so totally it. Different is amazing. Different is what everyone else wants to be really on the inside. Different will get them far in life if they believe in it and keep it and don’t question it. Difference can be hard though in schools as they figure things out, and for that, we will be having an entire post series coming soon on how to battle this, stand strong, and help others.

Ross Lynch“I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
-Ross Lynch
Our take on it: Ross is confident in who he is as a person. He expects that he will make mistakes from time to time and does not beat up on himself. He is also happy with not being perfect. If any mistake, he just moves on to the next thing. Your child actor will make mistakes and have good and bad days in the audition room. If they really want this, they need to be able to not take things personally, learn from any mistakes, but be able to move on to the next opportunity.

“Kids, work hard, apply yourself and be ready.”
-Julie Andrews (yes, your child may ask you who she is – show them the Sound of Music if they have not seen)
julie andrewsOur take on it: Make sure your child is in professional acting classes consistently and does not take full seasons off. Focus on what you are learning and practicing and set goals. Always know that an opportunity can come to you at any time, so keep an open mind to what will surely come, and it will come. Be patient with it though, not everything comes over night.

To quote Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, “Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, ‘Till you find your dream.”

So many more inspiring quotes coming your way! So bookmark this page and check back.

Be inspired everyday. This is a dream, and dreams absolutely can come true. Inspiration is just part of the puzzle, so make sure you are doing this often.

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