dustin hoffman teaches kids acting

Masterclass with Dustin Hoffman – for Child Actors – only $90.00 – Acting Tips

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dustin hoffman teaches kids acting

Dustin Hoffman is now offering a Masterclass with his own Acting Tips for the low cost of $90.00 that all actors can take. Doesn’t matter where you live in the world, because the class is online. We are happy to share this with you, as a lot of you have mentioned that you don’t feel you have access to professional acting classes to the level you’d like to, within your towns or areas. You mention that you cannot get to LA or NY always. Well, now you do have access to professional acting tips, right from the inspiring Dustin Hoffman.

dustin hoffmanSo, now you have it, Masterclass with Dustin Hoffman, right at your fingertips and all online. This feels like a gift, really. The acting tips are ones that would not come from anyone but Dustin, himself. Think about his experience as an actor and all he knows at this point in his career. He will be giving your child a head start in this industry.

Again, your child actor can have this Dustin Hoffman online acting training for a lifetime, one time fee, of only $90.00. That sounds like a commercial LOL, but it’s just a fact and I’m just excited by the price. This class includes 24 video lessons with Dustin himself and Office Hours once a month where you can tune in live to ask Dustin any questions that you may have.

So, are you going to think twice about Dustin Hoffman bringing professional quality acting tips right into your home? Your child actor will eat it up. Best to go through the course together, as a team, and you can both learn.

Where else can you get this amazing online acting training? No where, really other than if you are using skype with a professional acting coach? And if you do that with a coach, it will cost you thousands over time. Think about the options here, and you will conclude, Dustin should be in your home.

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Below is the Dustin Hoffman Acting Class Trailer Video:

Dustin Hoffman Masterclass: you get the entire class for $90 and you get to keep the acting training tips for your entire lifetime! Don’t miss out, as the Dustin Hoffman Master Class price may go up eventually. Don’t know for sure either way, but other classes have gone up over time.

The time is now to get these invaluable acting tips from the best.

Sign up here for the Dustin Hoffman Acting Class >



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