New Awards show for those that Follow Their Dreams – Similar to the Tony Awards

In my opinion, actors should be awarded for their courage and dedication in following their dream and using the gifts they’ve been given. Watching the Tony Awards last night I was called to feel sad (just for a moment) for those who did not win a trophy. They are all amazing actors. But then it came to me. They totally won anyways. They are following their dreams.

doing what you were meant to do award.So many don’t. Those that do pursue their calling have already won the game. Everyday they allow themselves to wake up and do what they are passionate about. Sure, it’s hard for them. There are days when they want to give up. But then, they don’t give up. They keep going with what they are aligned with. They keep going with their passions. Not all of us do that, because we don’t allow ourselves to do so. But, we should. To me, personally, they have totally won in this lifetime. They won’t regret any moment of this. They will be forever happy that they walked this path no matter how trying it is. All of the actors sitting at the Tony Awards have won in the acting game and in the game we call life.

My new awards would be called “The Doing What you Were Put on this Earth To Do AWARDS” and there would be a TV show, just like the Tony Awards.

They would simply be honored for their courage and support of themselves. Parents would be honored for supporting their child’s dreams.

If you are one of those parents supporting your child to live their dream, thank you kindly. You are allowing them to set themselves on a path to align with the gifts they’ve probably been given. You are allowing them to do what is inside their hearts and that is huge. You are likely sacrificing for them and that is the most humble thing you can do.

If you are honoring the words that come out of your child’s mouth, on whatever they want to do, then you are giving them the best gift they can ever be given. This will live in them for the rest of their lives and they will not forget.

Congrats to all of those following their dreams. So…Who is in with me on the next Awards show being called-

“The Doing What you Were Put on this Earth To Do AWARDS”.

If this is you or your child – print out the below free award or CLICK HERE to print out this free Award as a PDF. You have earned it! Then hang this up on your mirror or your child’s mirror as a reminder of how you are living authentically each day.

Award that would be given to an actor at this new award show. (1)

Real Life Award for Following your Dream.

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Thank you again for supporting your child actor and for your living your own dreams!