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Tyler Perry Speaks to How to Make A Dream, A Reality – The 2 Secrets to it All

My daughter and I just watched Tyler Perry’s video on Success and Achieving your Dreams. I never knew he was told NO hundreds of times for his first main play he wrote and then heard many Nos beyond that too. Did you? I never knew his real story, and now I do, and we are grateful to take away the below 2 Major Secrets to achieve a dream. Many of us really…


The Secret Sauce for Captivating Actor Headshots – for your child to get picked for more auditions

Most “Effective” (captivating) Headshots is a fascinating and extremely important topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as it’s almost that point in time where our own young actress will need new photos. For us, it’s been about a year, but I’m guessing somewhere between the next month and 6 months out, she may need new ones. I’ve actually also been studying it. Yes, studying it with samples from IMDb. I…

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Review of The Hollywood Parent’s Guide Book by Bonnie J. Wallace, mother of Dove Cameron

The Hollywood Parent’s Guide Book, by Bonnie J. Wallace, the mother of actress, Dove Cameron, is a new resource book that is a game-changer for all parents of actors. It will save you time, money, and help you in more ways than you could ever imagine, no matter where you and your child are on this acting journey. For me….First night, I could not put the book down, and had to…


4 Positive Steps to Follow Directly after your Child’s Audition

Are you a huge supporter of your child’s acting journey? If you want their journey to continue successfully, then… DO THIS when you get in the Car right after the audition or when you get somewhere you can talk, directly after their audition: Any type of hug or any discussion with your child should happen after they are in the car or beyond that point and NOT anywhere near the audition location….

Tortoise and the Hare

Parents of Child Actors – It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint – Support Your Young Tortoise

Do you know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? If for some reason you have not heard it, read it first and then come directly back to this post, as the success of your child’s acting journey actually relates to that classic fable. Last week, I was talking to an acting/singing coach who works with a huge amount of talented children and their parents. She was reminding me how important it…


How does my child actor stand out in the audition room? Top 5 Best Child Actor Tips.

So…it’s your child’s turn to audition. The fact is, the casting director may have already seen 50 other kids that look like your child, act like your child, and they may be getting the same read from all of those other actors. They may see the same actions from kids. They may seem the same choices and speaking tones from kids. It all starts to look the same to them. Over and over and…


What is Faith? For child actors and parents of actors. Faith is everything.

What is faith really and why is it the true key to your child’s acting success? Why is it crucial you recognize faith within yourself as the parent of a child actor? Why is it crucial you talk about this with your actor? We believe it is these 3 things: Faith is Knowing and Believing. NOT Wondering and Doubting. Faith is being sure of What we Hope For and Certain of…

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What should my child actor do in those months or longer in between acting auditions?

Sometimes your child actor may be on what is considered a large roll of acting auditions, one after the next, more than one a week, sometimes days in a row. It may appear to be a fun snowball that your child is gradually pushing up a hill, gathering more and more snow as it goes. The snowball is turning out so very cool, they are loving it. You have no idea when…

The Series of Interviews with Moms of Actors

Great Personal Tips and Advice from – 3 Moms of Young Successful Actresses – An Interview – Part 2 of a New Series

Part 2 of our interview with 3 Moms of Successful Actors. This is a continuation of the first interview we did with moms that represent some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. They took the time to kindly provide us with information that will enlighten you as the parent of an actor on some do’s and donts. We are appreciative of their time and grateful that they want to give back…

The Series of Interviews with Moms of Actors

Great Personal Tips and Advice from – 3 Moms of Young Successful Actresses – An Interview – Part 1 of a New Series

Below is an exclusive interview that was conducted  by me with 3 moms of working young actors. These moms are on sets constantly and their children are successful professionals. They have also been at this for many years, so they have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with other parents of child actors. NOTE: This is Part 1 in a Blog Series where we interview moms of happy, successful, balanced…