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Reminder: 5 Most Important Tips for Pilot Season and Beyond

Pilot season is going on right now and you may now be scratching your head looking for some more pointers and tips as your child is having fun, but is also hoping to gain more callbacks. Since the audition is the key to all, the below focuses on some reminders about how to stand out in an audition.

  • This may seem obvious, but it is not. Never have your child walk into a room unprepared. Not only are you cute boyhurting your child’s chances that day, but you are likely hurting their chances for a year or longer to come, as the casting director will not want to see them back. It feels to them like wasted time. Consider the fact that the casting directors likely narrowed down thousands of submissions only to see less than 100 and then consider how important your child’s time is. Yes, it absolutely bothers them if your child is looking down the entire time. It’s better to have your agent or manager reschedule if your child is unprepared.
  • Relax. If your young actor is nervous, they need to find a way to cope and not show it. They need to be confident on the way in and the way out of the audition room and patient and relaxed in the lobby, too.
  • actor2Be flexible. If your child is redirected, they need to listen actively and then do what they ask them to do. They have to be able to change gears very quickly. Whatever the casting director wants them to do, they have to be able to change into that mode right away and with enthusiasm.
  • Be a risk taker and be willing to zig where other kids zag. This should be thought about ahead of time. There may be some parts where they can add their own unique touches (kind of like unique touches on a painting). It’s better for them to take a chance, in a few parts, then to do exactly what the last 80 kids have done. They may end up standing out from the pack. The risk has to be within the context of their character, but, they should feel free to try something different if it makes sense within the context of the script and the character.
  • Lastly, they need to find the light in the role, the thing that’s going to pop, the twinkle, the energy that will make them shine. This is a key. Your child could do the entire role perfectly but have no energy to it. They need a brightness to whomever they are playing.

    How do they achieve the above tips? Training. Training and more training. All year long. Always. Train.