Review of The Hollywood Parent’s Guide Book by Bonnie J. Wallace, mother of Dove Cameron


hollywood parents guideThe Hollywood Parent’s Guide Book, by Bonnie J. Wallace, the mother of actress, Dove Cameron, is a new resource book that is a game-changer for all parents of actors. It will save you time, money, and help you in more ways than you could ever imagine, no matter where you and your child are on this acting journey.

For me….First night, I could not put the book down, and had to literally force myself to stop reading at 1am, and then that repeated itself over and over. The books captivates from the start with unique information on how to support your child actor. There are various stories in this book that support various journeys on how your child may go from literally point A to point Z and everywhere in between. The stories were so varied and interesting, that I found myself reading them more than once. It really showed me how 2 actors of the same age, can take totally different paths, and end up in similar spots. There is no exact path in this industry.


This is for sure the book that every parent of an actor should read no matter when your child started acting. If your child is just about to start acting or has just started out acting, you have hit the jackpot by finding out about this book now, as there is guidance on what to do, not to do, and how to get started in a successful manner.

Things that I really liked about this book: (a short review)

hollywood parents guide1) There are summaries at the end of each chapter that recap the main points of the chapter. I find those extremely helpful and looked back at a few already to get quick reminders.

2) I like that there are various points of view with real stories that all relate to helping/supporting your child actor.

3) Truths are revealed, things are just told as they are, no holding back.

4) Well-written, reads very easily and hooks you.

5) It’s a resource that you will come back to time and time again depending on where your child is in his or her career. The book will be the first thing you think of if you have a question about anything related to your child’s acting journey.

On a quick side-note, it is so refreshing to have someone who has been supporting her child from a very young age from the very start until now, write about her entire journey. Bonnie is very humble, honest and straightforward with how she presents this important information for parents. It’s also really gratifying to see how grounded Bonnie has remained even though her daughter has achieved a level of fame. Some parents are not like that. But Bonnie has kept that balance as a mom and as a successful woman. It has never been about the fame for them, its always been about her daughter’s true passion and dreams. They have also dug deep and kept their faith, even in the most challenging of moments. They have not let themselves get caught up in the world of it only being about fame, and that is so important to their happiness and success. Bravo to this, Bonnie!

So, in summary – This book is a game changer. Highly recommend. Order it now here-

A Bit ABOUT Bonnie J. Wallace, the mother of Dove Cameron:

Bonnie J. Wallace speaks, writes, and teaches workshops to help parents navigate Hollywood so they can effectively help their child become a professional actor. Mother of Dove Cameron, star of Liv and Maddie, Disney Descendants, Barely Lethal, and more, Bonnie is dedicated to inspiring others on this journey. A believer in leaps of faith, Bonnie is a Hollywood mom, a small-business owner, and a former nonprofit theater board member. She lives in Los Angeles.

Bonnie, you have inspired me. You have inspired our young actress.
And I know you will be inspiring others with this book.

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