Acting Audition Break-Through – What an Audition Really Is – This will change the way your child auditions!

I’ve been thinking and even dwelling a lot about acting audition outcomes, for kids, lately. Not any specific auditions that our daughter has had. Just been thinking generally more about what can make a child stand out in the audition room. The reason I’ve been thinking so much….well, we go to auditions, and she’s always prepared. Our child actress always knows her sides or copy. She loves what she is doing. She…

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The #1 No No (not Nae Nae) for Young Actors going in an Acting Audition – Do you know it?

Think you know what the #1 No No (not the Nae Nae for all of you Nae Nae Flash Mob dancing fans LOL) thing casting directors say that kids do wrong in the audition room? What is that thing that is the absolute DO NOT DO in an acting audition? Before I reveal it below, take your best guess….. By the way, I heard this as recently as this past weekend…


4 Positive Steps to Follow Directly after your Child’s Audition

Are you a huge supporter of your child’s acting journey? If you want their journey to continue successfully, then… DO THIS when you get in the Car right after the audition or when you get somewhere you can talk, directly after their audition: Any type of hug or any discussion with your child should happen after they are in the car or beyond that point and NOT anywhere near the audition location….


How does my child actor stand out in the audition room? Top 5 Best Child Actor Tips.

So…it’s your child’s turn to audition. The fact is, the casting director may have already seen 50 other kids that look like your child, act like your child, and they may be getting the same read from all of those other actors. They may see the same actions from kids. They may seem the same choices and speaking tones from kids. It all starts to look the same to them. Over and over and…

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Don’t take it personally – audition tips for child actors – casting directors are humans

This post is inspired by the words I heard out of the mouth of a young actor last week, over the phone. This child actor is a distant cousin of mine’s first born child (wow…that was a long one to type), and they had called me for acting advice and my opinion on a few things related to acting. She’s starting to get more auditions. The advice I gave to her and…

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Child Actors – Be believable in acting auditions – an absolute must

Some child actors are great at memorizing their sides. They get through lines rather quickly and some even feel very confident. But, often, something is totally missing in the audition room. That is, they are not believable. Child actors auditioning for TV, Film and Commercials often talk like they are on a big stage. Or they talk like a robot when they say their lines. Many child actors just don’t talk like…