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Top 11 Ways to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving to and from a late audition

Ever drive your child actor to an audition and on the way home you are super tired that you wish you could put a pin into your eyelids to keep them open? Or, on the way to the audition, the same type of thing?

I actually love to drive and enjoy the drives – it feels like a journey each time. However, there are times when I’m quite exhausted. Oftentimes, especially if the sun has gone down, parents are finding themselves tired and behind the wheel. If they are too tired to drive, they get a motel or hotel room for the night. However, some of them do the drive home and fight the exhaustion.

driving while tiredPLEASE NOTE – If you are more than an 8 out of 10 on the tired scale, with 10 being exhausted, you should always first try to stay overnight at a motel or hotel and NOT drive or get someone else to drive you or pick you up. 

1) Chew Gum and Blow Bubbles. Snap the bubbles really loud.

2) Crack open the windows for fresh air

3) Pinch Yourself

4) Eat Snacks like nuts, fruit or beef jerky

5) Energy Drinks or Coffee and put in Eye Drops

peppermint oil6) Spray Peppermint Spray in your mouth and Sniff Peppermint Oil

7) Splash water on your face from a water bottle. Do at least every 15 minutes.

8) Stop more often, about double as much, get out of the car, do some jumping jacks and stretch

9) Play Talking Interactive Games with your child – where you both have to be involved. These can be improv type games, 21 questions or I’m going to the store and Bringing type games.

10) Sing, Sing and Sing some more. Get your child to sing with you. Find upbeat songs. Do not put any relaxing music on. The music must be upbeat.

11) And this last one was from a mom today. She said Fear is what keeps her awake. She tells her brain that she must do this for her loving, amazing, child (her baby) and she puts herself so much in fear that she stays wide awake.

BTW, we had some child actors weigh in on this post. They said their #1 way to keep their parents totally alert is to sing really off key and things like that. But, then they said they were totally just kidding. We believe them!

We encourage you to take 1 minute to give us all more ways that you stay awake on the road with your child actor. Your ideas just might help another parent. To do so, scroll down and use the comment field at the bottom of this page.