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What I’ve learned from my professional child actress – she’s made me a better person.

Pre-Note: This was an actual post I wrote the morning of Thanksgiving on something I’m hugely thankful and grateful for everyday as a mom to a young actress. This is worth your consideration as a parent. This post should help you to grow and be very happy you are supporting your own dreamer.

wrote and made up her own subway commercialSometimes when I’m on the road with my own actress (this could be you too on the road with your dancer, singer, soccer player or chess player – whatever your child dreamer does), I start to think: this is amazing for my daughter, I’m so happy she’s growing, I’m so happy she’s having fun, I’m so happy she’s totally in her element and loving this, I’m so happy she’s prepared for this opportunity, I’m so happy she’s balanced, I’m just happy all around for her. But, then for a moment, just a quick moment, I think to myself, but am I personally growing? Am I learning? What am I getting from all of this time getting her to these auditions, to her classes, to workshops to coaches? I then of course, turn those thoughts completely off in my brain, as it seems like nonsense to think that way and I don’t really care to think in any negative manner, ever. And I’m so overjoyed for her, that those thoughts just seem to wipe themselves out.

But then, of all days, Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and I realized, it’s not nonsense for me to look at myself and ask, what am I learning from her? What am I learning from these trips we take? What am I learning as we drive? What am I learning as she works for what she wants and dreams of? What am I learning during this time of us bonding? What am I learning from watching her so dedicated? What am I learning from seeing her so joyful while she’s doing what she loves? Am I dreaming for me too? There is obviously a lesson for me in all of this, as time is never wasted, never. I must be learning and growing and getting so much from this all. We all are, if we pay close attention.

woman in the rainAnd then it all hit me like a great downpour of delicate rain, when that rain is so needed. The rain just kept coming down and down in beautiful sheets and the earth thanked the rain for feeding the land and clearing the air and the rain got rid of all of the dust. It was clear.

And…Here is what came to me in that moment:

I’m learning so very much about myself from my daughter who is a professional child actress and singer and I’m so thankful that I am learning and growing from her. So humbled to be on this journey with her, as she’s opened my eyes to these things below:

1) Believe in yourself. To the point of it’s so true you don’t even have to tell yourself to believe it in, because it just “IS”. This is for whatever your passionate about. Live your passion and dreams in your head first. Envision them in your head at least once daily and out loud. Play it all out as though it’s happening now. If you are not living your dream beyond your head, find a way to bring it into your life. If that starts with just being something you do on the side (when you have time), then so be it. But that passion comes from you first believing you can do it. Beyond believing it just IS.
I recently have taken some steps that are totally me just believing in my faith and my belief in my dreams. Now I know where this new found confidence, I have, has come from.

me2) Take chances/risks. Usually when it feels like a huge challenge, it’s going to pay off for you. Even if people look at your strangely for a moment or a minute or days or weeks, do it anyways. As after that minute or hour or month, they may praise you, they may find their lives have shifted, and they will for sure be changed by what you have done or said to them. It’s worth the chance to follow your dreams. Also, they will never know what is inside of you, if you don’t share it. And, if it does pay off for you and they are looking the other way, yay, then you don’t have to deal with their negativity and you were not meant to be doing that with them anyways.
Yep, I’ve taken some recent risks that are a bit out of the box. Without risks rewards to not come. I still hesitate on certain things, but overall, now, I’m more willing to consider my options and then if it’s 50/50 on something I may go with taking a chance for my own personal dream.

3) Stay strong despite what might seem like setbacks. This one has been said a million times. But it comes into play when you are in the middle of doing your passion. Find a way to dig deep and stay strong. And if you get knocked down, do your very best to get back up stronger. If it takes time to get up, don’t get mad at yourself, just get up as you can. Then once you are up, start again.
Going through this right now and I’m getting back up if I have an off day.

4) Find mentors. I’ve known this and already do it. But now she is finding her own mentors. They are around her and this helps her in so very many ways. She counts on them for knowledge, love, guidance and they listen very well and respond with important info. They help keep her focused, motivated and in faith with her dreams.
I love my mentors. I’ve always looked to mentors. They inspire me, focus me and guide me.

5) Always learn and be open to learning. Learn, learn and learn so more. And stay humble while doing it. You may be ahead of where you just were, but there’s more to learn.
This also has been something I’ve been doing my whole life. I feel like if you stop learning, you fall behind. Your brain wants to learn. I try to find something new everyday, even if just 1 thing, that I can learn.

6) Give back – caring – be good to others – try to help when you can – with those that you can. This stems out of a conversation we repeatedly have (my daughter and I). We first need to give to ourselves, but once our own cup is full, we need to find ways to give back, no matter how that is, even if it is not monetary. I’m personally trying to get better at this – as although I know to do it – I sometimes get so caught up in the business and hecticness of everything, I don’t make time for it. Giving is just as important as all of the items above. Doesn’t matter how big or how small. Even 1 minute can make a difference in someone’s life.
I’m working on this one, as I have to plan ahead to volunteer my time, which is what I want to do more often. I’ve found other ways to give back online though, through donations to charities.

I’m thankful to have this knowledge passed on to me from our child (day after day) – and I’m glad to be able to share it with you!

Post-Note: REPEAT ABOVE tips over and over and over and you will be closer to your own authentic happiness. Also, don’t forget to thank your child along the way.

Also, please share with us and our other blog readers what you have learned from your child. Just scroll down to the comments section and post.